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About me

Yau has always had a passion for photography, working constantly to improve his craft. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Larry has had many influences that have helped to evolve how he approaches photography. The diversity of his city has allowed him to view each shot from a unique and interesting perspective.

Yau has been photographing professionally since 2005, has worked with numerous magazines including, creating custom spreads and layouts. He also has experience as a film photographer, providing poignant shots that convey the spirit of the movie, also has shot stills for several movies. Larry has also photographed numerous weddings, helping couples capture their love and happiness on their special day.

Yau specializes in portrait photography, using his skill and vision not only to present his subject’s physical beauty, but also to accentuate their essence and soul. His experience allows him to connect with his clients and turn their thoughts into images.


Yau photography

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Suite D , 30/F , Tower B, Billion Centre ,

No.1 Wang Kwong Road
Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: 6281 3911

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